Wednesday, 15 February 2012

First Night of 'One-To-One' Webcam Sessions, via Facebook...

Following on from an idea that we had this week, we've just finished our first night of one-to-one webcam sessions via Facebook!

 (This was taken just before our first one-to-one webcam session which went on for just under 2 hours)

We take requests (in a private message from you) and then we play them live via webcam, to you, just for YOU (and your friends too, if you like!) 

This first night has been a really very lovely experience for us and we're thinking of making it a regular occurrence. We don't like to play a lot of gigs, unless it's something a bit different or special in some way (and we're homebirds!)... so to connect with our friends/fans/listeners this way is very rewarding for us.

We thank you all for your requests and for your company too! We'll announce another date soon and hopefully bring you a live video/recording. See you soon...?!

Love Indie and Craig :) xx

P.S If you use Facebook, you might like to read this piece by Jessica Stoddard, the first listener of the night.

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