Wednesday, 15 February 2012

First Night of 'One-To-One' Webcam Sessions, via Facebook...

Following on from an idea that we had this week, we've just finished our first night of one-to-one webcam sessions via Facebook!

 (This was taken just before our first one-to-one webcam session which went on for just under 2 hours)

We take requests (in a private message from you) and then we play them live via webcam, to you, just for YOU (and your friends too, if you like!) 

This first night has been a really very lovely experience for us and we're thinking of making it a regular occurrence. We don't like to play a lot of gigs, unless it's something a bit different or special in some way (and we're homebirds!)... so to connect with our friends/fans/listeners this way is very rewarding for us.

We thank you all for your requests and for your company too! We'll announce another date soon and hopefully bring you a live video/recording. See you soon...?!

Love Indie and Craig :) xx

P.S If you use Facebook, you might like to read this piece by Jessica Stoddard, the first listener of the night.

Monday, 13 February 2012

The Burning Leaves calling... on Facebook Chat!

Hello Friends! 
We've had a little idea that we think might be fun....
If you find yourself with 5 minutes to spare and fancy listening to us play you one
of our songs live (using facebook chat via webcam) just send a message to let us know. 
We'll be available @ 10pm GMT on Tuesdays. All you need to do is send us a message and we'll 'call you' on facebook chat... it's NOT a group event, it would be one-to-one, us and you!
If it works out (from the technical point of view) then we might make it a regular thing. Be seeing you? Indie and Craig :)xx